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Our mission is to provide a caring, creative and exciting Christian centre, which assists children, youth and adults to reach their human, creative and spiritual potential.

We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and tailoring each program to suit your needs, as well as maintaining excellent facilities.

Ian Dunlop

Ian has a mechanical background.  He loves working outdoors and helping children to face challenges especially on the zip line.  He has built a lot of the activities on site, improving the grounds and ensuring things are safe. He manages the equipment for activities, so if you need anything in this area he is the man to talk to. 

Robyn Dunlop

Robyn comes from a teaching background and works in the office managing bookings.  She helps with activities, developing new ideas and writing the leaders notes and risk assessments to help groups out.She does the groups Briefing when you first arrive and you'll often see her in the kitchen helping with catering to provide groups with lovely healthy meals.  


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