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Spring Beach Youth Camp is owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As a Christian camp it is expected that groups conduct themselves in a manner that is respectful of our beliefs and respectful towards local residents and the Centre's property and facilities. The camp property is an alcohol, smoke, vaping, and illegal drug free area. 


The payment of a deposit invoice by the hirer and the return of the Booking Agreement constitutes  confirmation to hire the camp on condition of acceptance by Spring Beach management. 


Full payment is required 14 days from date of final invoice. Late payments may incur an additional fee. 


When a booking is cancelled, if notice is given more than 90 days prior to the scheduled date, the deposit, less an administration fee of $50, will be refunded  If less than 90 days notice is given prior to the scheduled date, half the deposit is forfeited.  If 30 days or less notice is given the minimum hire rate will be charged along with other expenses that may have been incurred. 


Smoking, vaping, alcohol, illegal drugs, pets (except guide dogs/assistance dogs), knives, firearms, fireworks or explosives of any kind are not permitted on the property. 


The Hirer must ensure it has adequate public liability insurance cover with respect to the loss of or damage to property and for personal injury to any member of their group. Organisations using the facility must provide evidence of current liability cover prior to the camp. The Hirer shall indemnify the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Tasmania Conference) Ltd against any loss of or damage to property and claims by any person against the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Tasmania Conference) Ltd in respect of bodily injury, personal injury or death or loss of or damage to any property, arising out of or in connection with the Hirer’s use of facilities, providing always that the Hirer’s liability to indemnify the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Tasmania Conference) Ltd shall be reduced proportionally to the extent that the act or omission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Tasmania Conference) Ltd, its employees or agents, may have contributed to the loss, damage, death or injury. Damages caused apart from wear and tear will be charged to the group. 


The group leader is responsible for the behaviour of the group, adequate supervision of children, following emergency procedures if required and delegating warden roles, providing an appropriate first aid kit for the group, ensuring they have a group staff member with a current first aid certificate who can assess any first aid needs of the group, obtaining permission from Spring Beach Youth Camp Management for any Adventure Based Activities brought onto the site or for any third party that may be running Adventure Based Activities and ensuring compliance with these terms and conditions. 


Spring Beach Youth Camp may on occasion take photos or videos for promotional purposes, but this will be disclosed in advance and persons will be entitled to opt out. Permission must be obtained from the managers before any group advertising for the general public to attend a function or meeting to be held at the camp. 


Management reserves the right to inspect the premises at any time while a camp is under progress and a full inspection, with the Group Leader, will be carried out at the conclusion of the camp. 


Permission is to be obtained from Spring Beach Youth Camp Management prior to the pitching of any tents. 


Are not permitted on the camp grounds, except as directed by the Spring  Beach Youth Camp Manager and as permitted by the local Fire Authorities. 


If self-catering, the cook must have, as a minimum, a Food Safety Certificate and the Self-Catering Kitchen Usage Agreement must be completed and returned two weeks prior to camp. 

If having a catered camp, the Catering Requirements Form must be completed and returned two weeks prior to your camp. You will be invoiced for catering on this information or actual numbers—whichever is greater. 


The Room Allocation Form must be completed and returned the week prior to the camp commencing. This provides a complete list of people attending the camp and where they will be sleeping for emergency purposes. 


A copy of the proposed program is required to assist management with their roles.


Groups must not enter the Centre prior to the allocated time and must not overstay the allocated departure time. The Centre will only be unlocked when the Group Leader arrives.


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