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Planning Resources

Welcome to our planning page where you should find all the information you need to help you design the best camp you can to cover the needs of your group.  Once you have organised your program and decided on your activities don't forget to go to your Group Self-Portal to upload your program, select your activities, organise your rooming allocations and upload your dietary requirements.  

If you get stuck and have any questions or concerns let us know either by ringing 0407 761 140, sending us a message through your Group Self-Portal or sending us an email at  

Happy planning.  We're looking forward to seeing you all on camp!

Emergency Procedures


Time to select your activities.  You can download all you leaders notes and risk assessments for group run activities and risk assessments for instructor run activities at the bottom of this page.

Activity Sessions

Most of the activities are based on small groups of 12-15 people and take around one and a half hours to complete properly.  You can have multiple groups on the low ropes, team initiative and commando course activities and rotate through the various elements or challenges if you want to.

If you are doing instructor facilitated activities, groups can be no bigger than 15 and your sessions need to be 1 1/2 hours.  Group run activities can be adapted to fit program requirements but the instructor sessions need 1 1/2 hours especially for the flying fox and abseiling for a group of 15 to all complete the activity.

During day light saving you can fit up to four 1 1/2 hour rotations a day.  The rest of the year it is best to plan for three 1 1/2 hour rotations each day.

Activity Options

Remember all sessions are designed to take approximately 1 1/2 hours for groups of up to 15 people.  Group Run Activities have a small charge per person per camp to help cover ongoing maintenance and development costs.  Instructor Facilitated activities depend on the availability of instructors.  Early notice if doing these is appreciated.  Cost is based on each 1 1/2 hour sessions with a minimum of two sessions.  All off-site activities are the groups responsibility.

Group Run

Bush Walks
Commando Course
Low Ropes
Photo Hunt
Team Challenges
Team Initiatives

Instructor Run

Climbing Wall
Crate Stack
Zip Line

Offsite Within Walking Distance

Abseiling at the old Quarry
Cliff Top Walk to Shelley Beach,
Orford, Millingtons or Raspins Beach
Spring Beach

Offsite Using Transport

Beaches (Boltons, Millington, Raspin, Rheban)
Church of St John the Baptist
Convict Road Walk
Maria Island
Tasmanian Bushland Garden
Three Thumbs Lookout Walk   (2 Hour walk)
Wineglass Bay

Booking Activities

Activities are selected through your group self-service portal (GSS) in the options section.  If you are planning Instructor run activities it is important to book these early in your planning process and to send us an email or note in the GSS to let us know.  

Group Run Activities

General Activities

This risk assessment applies to all of the activities along with the activity specific assessments and covers onsite bush walks, orienteering, photo hunt and geocaching.

Instructor Run Activities

Instructions for Group Supervisors


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